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$ATOZ staking is live on DIFX

We are proud to announce that we launched our $ATOZ staking program on Tuesday, 6 September through DIFX.



Staking will empower $ATOZ token holders to earn passive income when they lock in their tokens for a defined period of time. The staking starts from as low as 1 $ATOZ and offers upto 100% APY.


The staking program offers 100%, 75% and 50% APY for 10 days, 15 days and 30 days staking periods respectively. The value of staked $ATOZ will be capped and will be offered on a first come first serve basis. We will soon be launching longer term staking programs.


$ATOZ ranked #428 out of 12,000+ tokens on CoinGecko. Moreover, with a peak growth of over 1000%, managed to get into the Top-10 Gainers list of BitMart in just under a month of its release. Now with the staking option, we will be supporting our early investors through the upcoming achievements.


In addition to the yields that will be received at the end of the staking period, investors will get additional benefits in the Race Kingdom platform such as early access to the NFTs, game and much more. 


We are partnering with DIFX Exchange for our very first staking. DIFX is a fully insured global trading exchange which has been selected “Best New Trading Platform of 2021” by Forex Expo and the “Most Trusted Cross Asset Exchange of 2022” by Crypto Expo Dubai 2022.


You can stake $ATOZ at https://difx.com/staking  


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