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Race Kingdom is a blockchain-powered NFT-based Metaverse racing game platform. The digital racing creatures like camels, horses and snails are rightfully called the breathing NFTs of the generation. Through blockchain-based genetics, they has unique traits, ancestry and statistics.

Distinctive Elements of Race Kingdom are listed below.

NFT marketplace

The camels are listed in the categories wise in the NFT marketplace. The interested investors can purchase in-game assets. The camels will be categorized in Classes 1-5 (with Class 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest) and one class for unraced camels called Chappies.

Camel Building

The most important thing to understand about virtual building is that a Legendary offspring can only be produced by two Genesis camels. It will assist in improving performance in order to win the race. There are four main build kinds in all, ranked by rarity. Ultra Rare(5%), Rare (15%), Uncommon (30%), Common (50%), are the categories.When computing the minimum building price, build types accounted for 20% of the total weight. It is undoubtedly unaffordable to carry out the building; consumers will be required to spend a set amount of cryptocurrency.

Camel Racing

The camels are ready to compete in the chappie race after they have been bred (first-ever race). Their class is determined by their race. The camels will then be divided into classes based on their performance in the race.

Next To Run

All of the details for previous and upcoming events in the racing process are kept tracking.

Package of Aspects

The required details for updates and upgrades, such as scalability, adaptability, availability, scarcity, purity, and rarity of the camels.

Game Mechanics

Creating Avatars

Create custom Race Kingdom avatars that are a representation of your truest self in the metaverse.


Camels are the money makers in the Race kingdom. permanent virtual goods sell very well in games says that 50% of all revenue in Racing comes from selling camels.

Estimation is based on the fact that camels aren’t consumable, they look great, variations of camel new offers are presented to players via popups, camels should be priced at a higher price point and the player gets a very clear advantage for having a great camel. Also, the purchase flow for camels offers is worth noting.


Fuel/Stamina is the primary driver of retention in camel racing. In the beginning, the player gets 5 races with a full bar but as the game progresses some of the races consume more than one Fuel point. One Fuel point reloads in 6 minutes so it takes 60 minutes till the Fuel bar is full again. Once the Fuel is reloaded you get a notification and you’re back into the game.


Upgrading your camels is not only essential to succeed in races but also extremely addicting. You also need to have a lot of different parts in the shop! Box, engine, body, turbo, etc.

Every part has several stages and the next stage is more and more expensive. All the parts can be bought with cash and it usually takes you between 3 to 7 race wins to get enough money for the next part. In other words, almost every game session ends with you having a new part in your camel. Talk about a sense of achievement!


Each camel suffers a bit of damage after every race due to wear and tear as well as the elements of the race track. Each track has its own modifier to how the camel is affected by the track. A maintenance fee must be paid to the CyberStable master to repair and recuperate your camel.

Daily races

A mode where the player gets to race with other camels other than the ones in her garage. In Daily races, players earn extra cash depending on how many Daily races the player has been doing in a row (= how many days in a row the player has played). This feature is also perfect to promote premium races.


You can pay a parking fee to park your camel in a CyberStable for maintenance, modifications, and fuel recharge. You can also manufacture a new camel by crossing two camels in a CyberStable. A CyberStable is one of the most expensive investments in the game, but it assures constant income from other newer players using your facilities to keep their racing machines in full power. A Robostable comes with free space for 15 camels which can be upgraded later.

For more information visit our White Paper.


To become a great competitor and champion, players need to breed and compete with the greatest of engineered camels. The catch is that you need to constantly upgrade your camels to win the evertougher crew members. The Player has to usually race most of the other races on the map to earn Cash so that they can purchase better parts and win the camel race. Each Track comes with Normal, Night and Reverse modes. Every track has a certified RNG that ensures fair play based on randomization created by game mechanics.

Challenges, Heats, Tracks & Championships

You wanna race, jockey?

Every steed comes with its own progression challenges that will earn you tokens, xp boosters and more. Complete challenges to add value to your steed and add data to your soul bound token.
Race Kingdom creates tournaments by the hour, around the clock. Participate, win and maintain your steeds to extract the maximum out of these heats and earn your place in the leaderboard.
The top 5% of all steeds are invited to a big money championship league that occurs every weekend. If your steed is as good as you think it is, come test your mettle with the veterans