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Users of Race Kingdom can buy, breed, train, complete tasks, and compete in races with the creatures that serve as the game's foundation, as well as earn referral fees. Players aim to obtain in-game tokens with which to perform all of the above functions, allowing them to obtain a competitive advantage that will allow them to earn more money. Aside from the game's own unique assets, the created creatures with these new abilities and functionalities can be sold as NFTs on a marketplace and hence leveraged. In total, nearly 3 billion people participate regularly in gaming, which is the largest segment in the entertainment industry. Although the metaverse offers exciting possibilities, Race Kingdom will emphasize community development, self-expression, and commerce in order to make the most of its potential.
The Race Kingdom is a gritty world where players' dominance is dependent on the ability, strength, and power of their creatures. To become a great competitor and champion, players need to breed and compete with the greatest of engineered camels. In a world that is in ruins, the only way for players to survive is to buy, train, breed, and race multiple creatures. When their creatures succeed, the players earn the highly valuable ATOZ that powers the Race Kingdom. The story is very well constructed to ensure retention. There are 5 levels called Tiers. Each Tier has various racing modes but basically the most important is the racing component. Win races in all 5 Tiers and your camel can participate in an annual international legendary tournament. The catch is that you need to constantly upgrade your camels to win the ever-tougher crew members. The Player has to usually race most of the other races on the map to earn Cash so that they can purchase better parts and win the camel race. Each Tier has different races offering different rewards and challenges and goes an extra mile with small yet strong features increasing the traffic from daily returning users - not to mention the excellent use of game notifications.
Category % of Supply # Tokens
Seed Round 8% 296,000,000
Private Round 12% 444,000,000
Public Round 4% 148,000,000
Team & Operations 15% 555,000,000
Advisors / Ambassadors 5% 185,000,000
Play to Earn (Gaming Issuance) 30% 1,110,000,000
Staking Rewards 15% 555,000,000
Treasury 11% 407,000,000

The Future of Steed Racing

A Metaverse of Racing events that simulates the real world

Build from over 4 types, 4 rarities & 3000+ unique genesis Camels and customize your steed in any way to tackle the challenge ahead. Each race you win, you earn tokens to ramp up your steed to the next level. The path ahead is a demanding one, so giddy up!

3000+ Unique Camels in Four Different Breeds that serve a Purpose

Using ERC1155 and Soul Bound Tokens, your account and your steeds in game evolve over time. All stats, achievements and customizations done to your steeds will be recorded into the metadata of this NFT allowing for free trade and increase in value of digital assets.
Each Camel is specially designed, built, and prepared for every race. They are not just monstrosities made of lightweight metal, plastic, gears, and oil. They are still camels. Biomass is genetically engineered and mechanically modified to create a high-functioning cybernetic organism.
The Race Kingdom (ATOZ) is a BEP20-compliant cryptographic token that can be traded on the BSC blockchain. It acts as both a currency on the Race Kingdom platform and an independent store of value that can be traded. Using Race Kingdom Token (ATOZ) for in-game transactions allows for lowering the costs incurred on transaction fees, and keeping them at the bare minimum.
Claim hundreds of Rewards through Treasure Chests and earn much more by playing! Ready to Race Jockey?
Are you ready to build your ultimate racing steed?
Experience the largest steed racing metaverse today!
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