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next drop coming soon

next drop coming soon

Fusing art and technology, we have developed a first-of-its-kind NFT experience for our users. With the Initial 600 camel NFTs sold out, we will also be Airdropping 400 NFTs to the core community members, guilds, and partners. Join the waitlist for future releases.

RaceKingdom NFTs Available on Opensea


These creatures come as NFTs that consist of over 3000+ 3D genesis camels of various breeds serving one shared purpose: providing you with a highly challenging immersive experience that gives your skill the credit it deserves.

Every single NFT in the collection is unique, with characteristic traits added to reveal their unique personality. Moreover, the Race Kingdom camel NFTs will be lively gifs as opposed to static jpegs.

The NFTs are not only visually stunning, intricately engineered pieces that will captivate gamers and collectors, but more importantly, each creature has a unique genetic profile with personalised attributes that play a significant role in the races and breeding process.

Creature Genera

Upon mutation, the creatures of various environments are grouped with elemental forces to form the following Genres:


A fearsome force, the Graviton camels are a species of camel that originated from the vast and rugged Terra Plains on Earth. They are adapted to thrive in this harsh environment and are therefore known for their toughness and resilience. 

They are able to traverse the treacherous landscapes of the metaverse with ease due to their endurance and sturdy grip. Their strength makes them highly desirable for camel racing, and many players seek them out for their teams.


Rare and mysterious species of camels that are unique in that they have the ability to harness solar energy, which they use to power their bodies and perform incredible feats of strength and endurance.

Known for their superior acceleration, they are able to navigate complex courses and adapt to changing conditions with ease, making them formidable opponents in any race.


Aerojack camels are a unique breed that originated in the windy deserts of the Middle East. Unlike other camels, Aerojacks have developed the ability to harness the power of wind energy and use it to fuel their high levels of energy and stamina. 

This gave them the benefit of being the most appealing visually due to the aerodynamic forms that in turn helped them maintain speed and energy consumption, making them prized racers in the camel racing circuit.


The Dynoamp camels are an exotic breed of camel that hailed from the depths of the oceans and large bodies of water. They are gifted racers, renowned for their incredible speed and agility on the racing track.

The Dynoamp camels are known to harness the power of the water, using it to fuel their incredible abilities. They require immense volumes of energy to perform at peak racing conditions, but are among the fastest creatures among all creature classes.


Breeding these majestic creatures will be highly lucrative and challenging to come due to their rarity. Each of our uniquely engineered Camels is an absolute beast, but some are rarer than the others.

The rarity of the creatures fall under the following 4 categories:

  • Ultra rare (5%)
  • Rare (15%)
  • Uncommon (30%)
  • Common (50%)


Determines the maximum speed at which your steed can travel. Reach speeds of 600 KMPH (373 MPH) by combining the right stats.
Boosters attached to your steed can propel it far beyond the capabilities of bionic limbs. Maximize this stat to reach G forces that will make your eyes pop!
All that speed and acceleration is pointless if your steed is unable to keep its lane or run in a perfect straight line, a steed that can grip is a steed that will not slip.
Tracks have very low friction to allow for exciting races, however the steeds that have a low aero factor are bound to launch into the air and lose precious time on the tarmac.

The Team


Omar Gull


Kartik Raj Rewar


Mohammed Abbas Kazmi


Ashita Shenoy


Aigerim Omarbekova

VP - Marketing

Leila Selmane

VP - Business Development


The camels are classified into 5 levels from Level 1 to Level 5 where level 1 is the basic version and level 5 is the highest grade. As the camels get trained and improve their attribute scores, they level up.

Many more meta creatures
coming soon