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What is ATOZ Token?

ATOZ Token is the native currency of the Race Kingdom universe which can act as an independent store of value, as well. ATOZ Token is particularly designed for in-game transactions and you can use it to pay for in-game items and products or get discounts on your local trades.

ATOZ Token: Tokenomics

The Race Kingdom (ATOZ) is a BEP-20 compliant token and comes with a 3,700,000,000 maximum supply and is planned to reach that amount within 72 months.

The Race Kingdom aims to provide you with innovative ways to interact with both the gaming and blockchain elements. We have considered factors such as the economic volatility of the blockchain and traditional financial ecosystems to keep the game as attractive as possible.

Here’s a brief overview of our tokenomics:

  • Play-to-Earn Pool: we have allocated the largest part of the tokens to this pool which will be used for facilitating the sale of digital collectibles, races, marketplace, rewards, and prize distribution in the Race Kingdom ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem Pool: we will use this fund for building relationships with other industry members through different verticals such as promoting ads and sponsorships, media partnerships, gaming studios and e-sports firms, merchandise, and others.
  • Staking: in order to incentivize participants and Liquidity Providers of the Race Kingdom ecosystem, we’ve decided to release the Staking Rewards over a period of 6 years in a phased manner.
  • Advisors and Ambassadors: To ensure the success of the project as both a blockchain and traditional business, Race Kingdom involves advisors and ambassadors who will enrich the ecosystem and team through a combination of their experience and networking both in video gaming, racing sports, and the blockchain ecosystem.
  • Benefits: as a token holder and active participant, you will gain access to exclusive NFTs and other benefits every quarter.

And it’s just the beginning of a joyful and prosperous journey. We will keep on building, adjusting, and updating to ensure that you will enjoy Race Kingdom as a game and new source of income alike.

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